Treatment Planning Service

  • We plan and manage pre- and post-operative treatment for our patients
  • When our patients send their medical information and examination results, they are evaluated by our specialist doctors in the field and a patient-specific treatment plan is prepared and the patient is informed.
  • If more than one treatment method is applied to the patient, the patient is contacted and provided with necessary planning and selection to help the decision.
  • The patient has the opportunity to have quick access to the medical evaluations of the physicians who are the best in his field. The patient’s condition is assessed within 24 hours at the latest and a return is made.
  • The patient can make comparisons by accessing information about all the health care facilities that may be treated.
  • Patients can compare all alternative price options for treatment and choose the most appropriate option for the budget

How to contact us? You may contact Health Destination Turkey

  • Through the website,
  • By calling our patient relationship expert
  • Through our representatives in your country

Arrival and Accomodation in Turkey

  • Plane tickets are supplied either by patient or Health Destination Turkey, depending on patient’s preference.
  • If patient’s health condition isn’t able for normal flight,we are organising air ambulance for the patient.
  • We are organising transfer and hotel choices during the patient’s accomodation in Turkey, in order to guarantee the safety and comfort of the patient.
  • A mobile phone and a mobile line are given to the patient during the treatment process to contact with Health Destination Turkey or his/her relatives.

Treatment Process

  • The treatment is made in the hospitals with JCI certificate,each having high quality medical equipment and a team of specialized doctors.
  • We oganise transfer to the hospital for the patient if he/she stays in the hotel.
  • Patients do not encounter a language problem with Health Destination Turkey assistant who follows the whole treatment process along with patients. We accompany patients at all stages in the treatment on a 24/7 basis
  • Each stage of your treatment is followed by the Health Destination Turkey physicians.

Departure from Turkey

  • We make the necessary organisations for patient’s departure from the hospital on the day of patient’s planned discharge.
  • We inform patients about the control appointments and post-operative care plan before they leave the hospital.
  • We organise transfer to the arport for patients.
  • If desired we organize touristic trips to show cultural and natural beauties of Turkey

After The Treatment

  • Patients may contact us any time for post-treatment support after they return back to their countries .Our offices and customer representatives in their country will be pleased to help them in this matter.
  • The patients don’t need to search hospitals, treatment methods and price options. We do all research for you and offer you alternative options.
  • Meeting patients in Turkey and their accommodation and treatment follow-ups are carried out by a team of Health Destination Turkey and you are informed regularly.

Airport Transfer

  • We will be ready to meet you in the airport if you are looking forward to take our advantage transfer service in your arrival,Patients are greeted upon arrival at the airport by HDT team. Air-conditioned transportation, accommodation, local conveyances etc. are provided for the duration of the stay
  • while your procedure is done you will be met with our designed driver regarding to your estimated flight arrival.

Accommodations Services

  • We offer the leading services through our professional team for tourist coming from worldwide to turkey for all kind of treatments.

Flight Ticket

  • it will be a pleasure for our team to serve you with our booking services for your ticket according to your availability.

City tour and Vacations

  • We provide professional guiding service mainly in Turkey area. All our guides are nationally licensed , professional , friendly and easygoing .
  • We can arrange some option such as culture workshops,boat trips ,city tour and also package for your vacation.

Medical Conselling

  • Health Destination Turkey;-combining the most effective methods of treatment options, the lowest costs, highest standards for the patients all around the world in the field of medical treatment in Turkey .
  • we offer treatments in the best hospitals that contains a dynamic team.